bedroom itanium tips

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Date: 2003-08-03 20:48:34
Am I the first person to keep an Itanium 2 system in their bedroom?
Possibly. Well, for those of you who might be thinking of doing the same
thing, here's what I've found useful:

- Buy an NVIDIA video card, their Linux support is Quite Solid. Don't
waste your money on a Quadro. The following cards work just fine with
2.6.0-test2 and NV's 1.0-4050 driver, but you will want to apply the brand
spanking new (thanks to Christian Zander for fixing this one) patch
available at )

Well, the cards I've tried that work are:

     - ASUS GeForce 256 (in its VGA glory)
     - My ex-girlfriend's ASUS AGP V7100 2V1D (GeForce 2MX, DVI out, nice
and cheap (just like her). These cards go for about $40, if you can
find them.
     - A few different GeForce 4 Ti4xxx cards (CAREFUL: unless you feel
like taking a hacksaw to your itanium, any video cards with heatsinks
on the back side of the PCB (e.g. on DRAM) will probably not fit into
the zx6000's PCI card cage.)

The cards that don't work/fit:

     - LeadTek GeForce 3 card (card's BIOS hangs the system)
     - GeForce FX5800 (too scared to use that hacksaw... I was very
tempted though...)

The amazing wonder that might or might not work:

     - ASUS V9560 VS (GeForce FX5600 and dual DVI = happiness that won't
break the bank (not that you will have any money left after buying

     Build the latest XFree 4.3.99 snapshot, and it works a treat. (It
should reach Debian experimental in a couple of days.) Using an older
XF86 might not be a good idea on zx1 machines.

- Buy a 3.3V PCI soundcard

     - There is no choice here. You _want_ a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy
2. 24/96 SPDIF out for $100? Hooray for progress. ALSA in 2.6
supports most of its features just fine.

- Use SATA hard disks

     - For the zx2000, this is easy enough. For zx6000, pull out all but
one of the SCSI drives (leaving a big hole in the front of your box).
Thread two SATA cables around the PCI cage fan and into a Promise
SATA150 TX4 controller. Buy an SCA plug (see,
some Serial ATA power plugs (most anywhere has these, just buy a
molex->SATA power adapter and cut it) and tap 5V/12V. Buy 2xSeagate
ST3160023AS disks (160GB, 7200rpm, good for 60mb/sec streaming
reads/writes - each - even in 4k chunks (finally, decent firmware on
a cheap seagate disk!!).

     When you're all done, you can pack styrofoam beads into the hole in
the front of your machine. It's not perfect, is fragile and also
looks stupid, but the disks run cool enough. (There's still some
airflow thanks to the fan behind them)

Enjoy your new 320GB stripe that is faster than and costs less than the
36GB SCSI disk your box came with!

- Run Linux

     - Enough said


    ,^~~~-.         .-~~~"-.
   :  .--. \       /  .--.  \
   : (    .-`<^~~~-: :    )  :
   `. `-,~            ^- '  .'
     `-:                ,.-~
      .'                  `.
     ,'   @   @            |
     :    __               ;
  ...{   (__)          ,----.
 /   `.              ,' ,--. `.
|      `.,___   ,      :    : :
|     .'    ~~~~       \    / :
 \.. /               `. `--' .'
    :                  ~----~
    ' HUG IT, IF ONLY IT '

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