From: Grant Grundler <>
Date: 2003-07-31 04:51:33
On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 02:21:02PM -0400, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> I'd be interested in benchmark runs comparing 4k, 8k, 16k, 32k, and
> 64k, if you would, please.  

vary kernel page size or ext2 block size or both together?
re-aim-7 benchmark or something different?
(and please don't say "dbench" :^)

32k is not possible in the kernel. Could use 64k.

Two of the re-aim-7 (aka osdl-aim-7) results (4k and 16k) are posted
on lkml and I can resend if I get a private request.

I'm going to be in transit or offline alot of the next 2 weeks.
Not likely I'll be able to generate the additional numbers.
Other volunteers?
I'm happy to share the s3kr3T osdl-aim-7 sauce recipe.

And I'd really just like to prove if VMERGE code in the BIO layer
is useful or not. I've concluded it's not useful for 53c1030.
I think it's more interesting to measure 53c1010.

> Was any patches necessary for the ia64 kernel before the block sizes >
> 8k started working for you?

nope. :^)
Just twiddle the CONFIG_IA64_PAGE_SIZE_* parameters if one wants 64KB.
16KB is the default.

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