Re: a nice way to reboot :-)

From: Bruno Cornec <>
Date: 2003-07-22 23:31:33
Grant Grundler ( said:

> On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 02:32:54PM +0200, Bruno Cornec wrote:
> > On Linux/ia64 when you do cat /proc/kcore, the system just reboots in a couple
> > of seconds (with RHAS 2.1 std kernel, updated kernel - 2.4.18-e.31) or even with a 
> > vanilla 2.4.21 + david's patches.
> Known behavior. 

Humm :-) I tend to find that hardly acceptable that people can crash so easily 
a system. 

> David Mosberger tells me Tony Luck changed the support in
> 2.6 such that only valid regions are accessible. 

I didn't take time to test with a 2.6, but will now that you say it could be useful :-)

> Don't expect it fixed in RHAS
> anytime soon. You might check if Bjorn Helgaas' ia64 patch on top of 2.4.21
> fixes the same problem.

Excuse-me I meant Bjorn's patch on top of 2.4.21. And yes it's crashing the same way
with the latest I tried (linux-2.4.21-ia64-030702.diff.bz2).
Of course, being of no help to provide a valid one, I can't cry if you say
it's not easy/possible on 2.4 ;-)

Thanks for your answer,
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