From: Didem Ciloglu <dciloglu_at_meridyenfair.com>
Date: 2003-07-04 16:49:11
Dear Sirs,
Meridyen Fair Organization is a Istanbul located international exhibition company, has been organizing exhibition in Fashion & Textile, Food& Packaging, Building & Construction, Furniture & Wood Industries and Automotive sectors. Up to now, Meridyen is held group participations for several exhibitions in various countries, such as United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon and Syria with success and still continues to organize exhibitions for Turkish sector which is opening to world market.
Besides holding group participations to the exhibitions, Meridyen also serves to her clients with after sales departments such as transportation and tourism, that means a full service.
Hereby, we kindly would like to ask you, if you may participate from your country to our exhibitions which 
we have organized with Riyad Exhibitions Co. Ltd. in Riyadh Exhibition Centre;

INTERMODA & TEXTILE EXPO 2003 Ukrayna-Odessa; International Fashion and Textile Fair 
will be held on 07-10 Agust 2003, 
SAUDI HOMETEX 2004 Saudi Arabia-Riyadh; The International Trade Show for Home Fabrics and Textiles 
will be held on 21 - 25  March 2004, 
SAUDI FASHION 2004 Saudi Arabia-Riyadh; The International Trade Show for Fashion 
will be held on 21 - 25 March 2004, 

We are strongly believe that our cooperation would be lucrative for both companies and countries.
Looking forward to hear you soon and thank you for your attention again. 

Best Regards,
Didem Ciloglu
International Sale Manager
Meridyen International Fair Organiser
Tel:  +90 212 224 15 01
Fax: +90 212 224 28 76
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