Re: Reliably creating MCA on white box Itanium-1

From: Jack Steiner <>
Date: 2003-07-03 23:27:36
> Is there a way of reliably creating an MCA on a white box Itanium 1?
> B3 processors, firmware is B117A.  Failing that, what about creating an
> MCA on a white box Itanium-2?
> Loading a duplicate ITC is no good, I need an MCA that actually enters
> ia64_mca_ucmc_handler in mca.c.  A working example using
> PAL_CACHE_WRITE would be nice.

Why doesnt loading a duplicate TR (not TC) work for you?  I've used that
method and found it to be reliable. 

Another way that is reliable (at least on our hardware) is to do a
load from a non-existent region 6 or 7 address. The failure modes are
different between region 6 & 7, but they both reliably produce MCAs.


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