Re: [Linux-ia64] i2000 won't boot for me with current 2.5.69-bk

From: Peter Chubb <>
Date: 2003-05-27 13:23:30
>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Williamson <> writes:

>> >>>>> "Peter" == Peter Chubb <> writes:
Peter> I've tracked down the problem to something in mca.c: the second
Peter> call to get SAL error logs causes a partial reboot instead of
Peter> returning error logs.  I instrumented bits of mca.c to see what
Peter> was going on (hope the printk output is self-explanatory). This
Peter> is on a uniprocessor i2000.
>> If I disable CONFIG_MCA the machine boots and appears to work
>> (except for the ps/2 keyboard and mouse).

Alex> Peter,

Alex>    See this thread:


The system was running BIOS revision 130.  I reflashed it, and the
problem appears to have gone away.  I don't undestrand why.

Peter C
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