[Linux-ia64] run time code generation for IA-64

From: CH Gowri Kumar <gkumar_at_csa.iisc.ernet.in>
Date: 2003-05-26 20:37:30
Hi all,
I have been writing macros for the runtime code generation for IA-64.
You can find the files in the attachment (ia64.tar.gz).

I am facing a serious problem while calling the functions from the 
runtime generated code. I am able to execute the function but while 
returning it is dumping core. I couldn't figure out what is the mistake I 
am doing.

This is what I am doing to generate a call statement:
I have a function named "Test_Function" which I am trying to call from the 
generated code. For that I am doing this:

fp = (IA64_FUNCTION*)Test_Function;
target = fp->addr;

Generate code such that this target address is moved into register R15
and then to a branch register b6 and generate a call statment as:
br.call.sptk.many b0 =b6.

Also, I am storing the GP,RP etc. in R4,R5 (as they are preserved across
function calls).

The IA64_dumpcode function dumps the code which have generated at runtime 
and seems to be work properly.

Can anyone explain what is the mistake I am doing and the remedy?

The attachment contains all the relavent files:

bash$ make
gcc ia64_codegen.c test_call.c
bash$ ./a.out

Thanks in advance.

Gowri Kumar

PS: This being the first version, I haven't done anything towards 
exploiting parallelism. So, each instruction will effectively make a 
bundle with the other two slots as nops. Once I am assured of the 
correctness of macros, I will go for the scheduling.

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