RE: [Linux-ia64] RE: [PATCH] head.S fix for unusual load addrs

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2003-05-20 03:57:03
Here's what the kcore change looks like if I take the suggestion
that Andi Kleen made on LKML
to add the kernel to the vmlist.  Combined with the KCORE_BASE
change (which is 98% included) we avoid the negative addresses
that required a bunch more changes in Andi's patch.

I've juggled the addresses around again, moving the kernel up to
0xA000004000000000 and VMALLOC_START back down to 0xA000000000030000
so that the entry for the kernel goes on the *end* of the vmlist,
so we don't have to uselessly step over it on every call to vmalloc().

I picked that kernel start address as it is half-way between
VMALLOC_START and VMALLOC_END for a PAGE_SIZE=4k kernel.  There
are many alternatives ... choose a different one (between VMALLOC_START
and VMALLOC_END) if you come up with a good reason for a different

This builds and boots on Tiger, and now I can run:

	# gdb vmlinux /proc/kcore
	(gdb) x/s log_buf

and see the contents of kernel memory.


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