[Linux-ia64] Re: 64 Bits DMA Addresses for Alloc Consistent Interfaces.

From: David S. Miller <davem_at_redhat.com>
Date: 2003-05-16 06:15:01
   From: Colin Ngam <cngam@sgi.com>
   Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 10:05:28 -0500
   I actually like the flag as a parameter because it allows platform
   specific extensions to pass in platform specific capabilities that
   can be ignored by platform that does not support these capabilities.

I hate this concept.  I can't think of any attribute that all
platforms can't take advantage of in some way and we'd actually
want drivers to use.

Here be the way to private platform-specific interfaces, which is
totally against the reason we have these interfaces in the first
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