Re: [Linux-ia64] benchmarking results

From: Steve Neuner <>
Date: 2003-05-06 01:46:49
> Maybe in all the cases I can see NUMA architectures and not find references
> related to what kind of scheduler was used older sched, O(1) or HT? 

Hi Adriano,

On the SGI Altix system we've been getting good results with the
O(1) scheduler.  

> The limits of the bricks for SMP are 4 proc, how could I assume linear
> scalability for 8 proc having memory latency accesing the others bricks
> through R-Brick maybe?

There are many factors that can affect getting good "scalability" beyond
8p (e.g., hardware design, kernel scalability, user v. kernel workload, 
user app scalability, I/O subsystem, etc) -- having a good hardware design 
with a fast system interconnect is essential.

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