Re: [parisc-linux] Re: [Linux-ia64] Linux, Itanium and PA/RISC

From: Markus Schaber <>
Date: 2003-03-27 05:14:18

"Adriano Galano" <> schrieb:

> > [...] maybe one can even run a PA-RISC OS inside a virtual
> > PA-RISC Machine on Itaniums. (However I don't know any such VM.)
> Which VM are ported to Linux IA64? Bochs? Virtuozzo? VMWare? Plex86?
> Recent Microsoft adquisition
> ( is focus in
> this sense I think.

As far as I know, all those VMs emulate IA32 and not PA-RISC. So I don't
know how this could help in running a PA-RISC OS on an Itanium.

However, Bochs should be easy to port to another platform due to it's
pure interpreter nature. I don't know about Virtuozzo, but VMWare and
Plex86 run at least user-level app code natively, so they have to be
adopted to the IA64 Kern and the mode switching, I think. E. G. VMware
and Plex86 both make use of Kernel Modules / Patches which must be


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