RE: [parisc-linux] Re: [Linux-ia64] Linux, Itanium and PA/RISC

From: Adriano Galano <>
Date: 2003-03-27 04:59:18
> Hi,
Hi again:

> (Matthieu Delahaye) wrote:
> As far as I know, the PA-Risc instruction mapping is done with lots of
> software help. The concept is a bit like JIT-Compilers in Java. (It is
> easier to do this when having a RISC code with equal
> instruction length
> compared to ugly X86 code.) As long as my knowledge is correct, you
> therefore cannot run any PA-RISC OS directly on the Hardware, but you
> can run PA-RISC Software in any OS that supports the instruction
> mapping, maybe one can even run a PA-RISC OS inside a virtual PA-RISC
> Machine on Itaniums. (However I don't know any such VM.)

Which VM are ported to Linux IA64? Bochs? Virtuozzo? VMWare? Plex86?

Recent Microsoft adquisition
( is focus in this
sense I think.



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