[Linux-ia64] Re: POSIX timers interface for IA64

From: george anzinger <george_at_mvista.com>
Date: 2003-03-19 10:21:57
David Mosberger wrote:
>>>>>>On Fri, 07 Mar 2003 14:40:04 +0100, Eric Piel <Eric.Piel@Bull.Net> said:
>   Eric> Hello, Here is a patch to have the POSIX timer interface
>   Eric> completly integrated in ia64 (2.5.64). The programs in
>   Eric> userland can now access the siginfo structure. With that patch
>   Eric> the test programs of the high resolution timers pass without
>   Eric> error but one which seems to also be triggered on ix86:
>   Eric> nanosleeps too short.

When we get the cascade stuff fixed :), we can address this issue.  On 
the ix86 the too short sleep is caused by adding less than 1/HZ to the 
wall clock each timer interrupt.  You might want to see what value 
your platform adds.  I intend to address this soon, but will need to 
check with the community about the correct fix.

As it now stands, CLOCK_MONOTONIC ticks at a different rate than 
CLOCK_REALTIME.  What to do, Oh what to do...

>   Eric> I did the same modifications to the ia32 support but I wasn't
>   Eric> able to test them.
> I applied this patch in my (ia64) tree.
> Thanks!
> 	--david
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