[Linux-ia64] question on stabs option being disabled with ia64

From: Robert K Gjertsen <gjertsen_at_us.ibm.com>
Date: 2003-03-18 08:03:37
I was wondering if someone could provide some insight on why
the stabs support for ia64 was disabled in gcc 3.1.
My understanding is that DWARF2 is the default debugging format on 
yet it was once possible to configure ia64 gcc to use stabs instead of
DWARF2, and it's still possible to use stabs on i686-linux and 

This is motived by my interest in LKCD, which depends on stabs.
I'm trying to determine whether it will take more work to fix ia64 gcc
or make LKCD use DWARF2 with ia64 (for lcrash) and would appreciate any
KDB is fine for in-house debugging, but it isn't the preferred method on
customer systems.


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