[Linux-ia64] How to set/reset gp pointer : info needed

From: Raj Patil <rpatil0296_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 2003-03-15 02:08:51

I am not sure whether this is the right group for me to ask this or get the

kind of information I am looking for. I apologize if this is not the

right group. I am relatively new to Linux/ia64 and this question is related

to ia64. Hence, decided to post it here 

I am looking for some info on how to set/unset the gp pointer, locations/cases

where I need to set and any other issues I need to worry. Any pointers to

some documentation or sample code or notes will be really appreciated.

Reason: I am just trying to port an utility to ia64 based Linux platform from 

x86 platform. It adds an entry to syscall table to point to a function in 

a module. It is like adding a new temp syscall for a small duration. 

By looking at some documentation, I realized that I need to set 

the gp pointer correctly before calling the function (not sure exactly wehre

and how). So, I am looking for some docs/notes which clarify my doubts like

-what in general needs to be done to set/reset gp (where?).

-Does this need to be done if one is adding an entry to ia32 syscall 

table too? 

-If this new function in the module calls other kernel functions in between,

should it worry about gp pointer before calling the kernel functions etc.

I have access to RH Advanced Server 2.1 running on an HP Itanium-2 box.

Thank you very much for any pointers/info.



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