[Linux-ia64] Intel's fortan compiler

From: dai yiyang <daiyiyang_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 2003-03-11 00:28:02
Hi all: 

    Is there anybody know how to use the -nus option of Intel's fortan 
compiler on IA64 ?? 

    basicly , fortan compiler will add a underscore to any unsolved symbol 
in the source ,that means if the call is "system" , then the exported 
symbol will be "system_"

the "-nus" is to get rid of the underscore of the exported symbol so that 
it can be linked with C lib ,,,, 

    My problem is : I just want to get rid of the underscore for selected 
symbol , Intel's compiler manual said I can do that with the option 
"-nus[file]"  , but it dont work .

    Anyone can help me ?? 


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