[Linux-ia64] how linux support ccnuma system?

From: Barry Wu <wu_qingbo1969_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 2003-03-10 17:45:24
Hi Rich,

Glad to receive your email about EFI.
I have some questions to ask you.

>Some general comments on our experience with using Intel's SAL and PAL
>on our Altix system (up to 64p SSI):
>-The PAL spec specifies whether functions must be called by each CPU, or
> has a system wide effect and may be called by any one CPU.  In general
> most all PAL functions operate only on, and retrieve info for, just the
> calling CPU.
>-The SAL spec also specifies this.  The SAL spec expects that memory is
> globally accessible.  Most SAL functions operate on a shared global
> data structure, and specify that only one CPU need make a call to set
> state for all CPUs.  
>-We have found very little problem with PAL & SAL in our global shared
> memory system.

>The right way to figure out your situation is to proceed:
>a) get a detailed spec from your hardware designer as to exactly
>   what operations are "propagated" between FSBs, and which software
>   has to be responsible for.
I do not know which mean FSBs? Can you give me some explanation?

>b) understand very clearly how physical address space is being shared,
>   and the global view each CPU will have.   Hardware designs can do
>   bizarre things in providing partial sharing.  You should argue these
>   things are foolish if they are not readily supportable by software.
Which mean provide partial sharing? Can each cpu have its local memory
and do not shared all cpus?

>I hope this is helpful,
Very helpful. Thanks.


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