Re: [Discontig-devel] Re: [Linux-ia64] discontigmem patch for 2.4.20

From: Bjorn Helgaas <>
Date: 2003-03-08 06:36:01
> And about problems on HP machines, I guess the reason is that
> the current CONFIG_NUMA kernel doesn't work right on a system
> which needs the VIRTUAL_MEM_MAP function.

Ah, it looks like you enforce this in the 2.5 config files:

    config VIRTUAL_MEM_MAP
            bool "Enable Virtual Mem Map"
            depends on !NUMA

Unfortunately, 2.4 doesn't have VIRTUAL_MEM_MAP as a config
option (it's enabled automatically if needed), so we can't do
that directly.

> ... it would better if CONFIG_NUMA kernel works on all types
> of machines. So I'll try to find out a solution for this issue.

That would be ideal.  Seems like there ought to be opportunities
for unification of DISCONTIGMEM, VIRTUAL_MEM_MAP, and parts of
NUMA.  The current scheme feels a little clunky, especially for
configuring a "generic" kernel.  (It sounds like it isn't even
possible to configure a kernel generic enough for both SGI SNx
and HP zx1 boxes.)

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