[Linux-ia64] ia64_spinlock_contention and NEW_LOCK

From: Keith Owens <kaos_at_sgi.com>
Date: 2003-03-08 00:57:04
2.4.0-test6-ia64-000811 introduced ia64_spinlock_contention and
NEW_LOCK.  AFAICT they have been disabled ever since they were
introduced.  Are there any plans to use this NEW_LOCK code?  I have two
reasons for asking.

(1) If ia64_spinlock_contention is going to be used then it needs
    unwind data, otherwise an interrupt in this code will not get a
    decent backtrace.

(2) To enable kdb and lkcd diagnosis of hung spinlocks, I want the
    contention path to check for a 'enter debugger now!' flag[*].
    Obviously such a test would be better handled in a single
    contention routine instead of being expanded as part of every
    spinlock usage.

[*] I tried DavidM's suggestion of using INIT interrupts to break into
disabled spinlocks.  It works, and with kdb v4.0 you get a decent
backtrace.  However INIT is far too destructive, once INIT has been
sent the cpu is dead.  Barely acceptable for a completely hung machine,
no good if you are just trying to diagnose a problem.
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