Re: [Linux-ia64] How linux support ccNUMA machine?

From: Barry Wu <>
Date: 2003-02-17 02:07:00
Hi, Gilad,

>I parse your question as: is the Linux kernel on the Altix 3000 aware of
>ccNUMA or is this something that gets dealt in firmware?
My question as: linux kernel can support ccNUMA, but it is based on 
Then is firmware responsible to finish ccNUMA initialization?
If so, because Itanium2 firmware address is at 4GB-16MB, and 4cpus consist
of mainboard, if to support 64cpus, there will be 16 mainboards. Because
linux is only one copy: one text and one data segment. When linux startup,
if it want to call firmware functions (such as PAL, SAL or even EFI), which
cpu's mainboard firmware to access? Or access its own mainboard, or access
id 0 cpu mainboard? because the memory is global shared.

If you know, please give me some infomation. Thanks again for your reply.

Best Regards,


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