[Linux-ia64] How linux support ccNUMA machine?

From: Barry Wu <wu_qingbo1969_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 2003-02-15 01:25:00
Hi, all, I am new to ccNUMA machine. I ask Mr. John about linux on
SGI Altix 3000. Because he is not responsible for Altix prom,
he could not give me any information about ccNUMA firmware that
linux should depend on. Besides, he give me a lot of information
about linux kernel. I do not know whether it is linux or firmware
complete ccNUMA initialization. Because in Altix, it can support
64 cpus, but every 4 cpus is a C-brick. I think every C-brick has
a prom. Therefore, it is under firmware complete 64 cpus initialization 
or linux kernel complete. 
Another question is for Itainum2, the system is boot from 4G-16MB address 
space, if this ROM address can be replace with RAM address when system
startup? Otherwise there will be many physical address holes in the system.
Am I right?
If someone knows, please give me a reply. Thanks in advance!


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