[Linux-ia64] SAL_MC_RENDEZ logic

From: Keith Owens <kaos_at_sgi.com>
Date: 2003-02-06 23:02:27

        /* Register with the SAL monarch that the slave has
         * reached SAL

        /* Wait for the wakeup IPI from the monarch
         * This waiting is done by polling on the wakeup-interrupt
         * vector bit in the processor's IRRs

The documentation for SAL_MC_RENDEZ (24535901.pdf) says that SAL itself
spins, looking for the wakeup ipi.  Why is the kernel code doing the
same work?  Either SAL_MC_RENDEZ does not spin (and the SAL docs are
wrong) or the kernel code in ia64_mca_wakeup_ipi_wait is redundant.

Why do I care?  I am trying to get kdb/lcrash data after MCA.
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