[Linux-ia64] Preempt problems

From: Peter Chubb <peter_at_chubb.wattle.id.au>
Date: 2003-02-04 07:17:01
Hi David,
   Just a heads up --- there are still two major problems with the
patch I submitted for preemption support, so I suggest you don't merge
it yet (although I'd very much appreciate having it reviewed and
tested by third parties).

The two problems I see are:
    -- perfmon missing interrupts *even with CONFIG_PREEMPT turned
   -- weird kernel page faults apparently during ia64_leave_kernel()
(from the stack backtrace), but with an IP address in region 0, after
some variable amount of uptime, apparently independent of anything
happening on the machine (at least, I haven't yet been able to isolate
anything that causes it).

Dr Peter Chubb				    peterc@gelato.unsw.edu.au
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