Re: [Linux-ia64] clock goes out of sync on itanium

From: Peter Chubb <>
Date: 2003-02-03 07:04:03
>>>>> "tausq" == Randolph Chung <> writes:
tausq> Hi, I've noticed that my i2000 running 2.4.1[89] kernels is
tausq> pretty poor at keeping time. It seems to drift backwards in
tausq> time ~5-10 minutes a week.

I had that problem --- even ntp couldn't keep the clock in time.
Turns out that there's a bug in early firmware revisions that
misreports the hardware clock time, leading to bad real-time tracking.
After updating the firmware, the problem went away.

I suggest you check to see if your firmware is at the current

Dr Peter Chubb
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