Re: [Linux-ia64] segv with gas using gcc 3.2

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2003-01-30 04:12:05
>>>>> On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 09:21:09 -0600, Robert K Gjertsen <> said:

  Rob> I'm seeing gas yak/segv on some assembly code that we use to
  Rob> avoid pulling extraneous instructions into the instruction
  Rob> cache (avoid debugging code when debugging is turned off).
  Rob> This used to work with gcc 2.96 but now dies with gcc 3.2 when
  Rob> optimizations are turned on (-O or higher). I'm trying to
  Rob> reduce this to a smaller and manageable case and also figure
  Rob> out whether I'm doing something ill-advised given that we are
  Rob> making some assumptions on how the code is ordered in the
  Rob> remote section (works OK on i386 with gcc 3.2).  Just seeing if
  Rob> someone may have some insight on my example below.

Perhaps the block-reordering is causing the problems for you?
Might want to try -fno-reorder-blocks.

A general comment: I'd highly discourage to switch sections within a
procedure.  The problem is that the unwind info will be all wrong

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