[Linux-ia64] VM strict overcommit on RedHat AS 2.1 kernel 2.4.18-e12 ?

From: Carron, Thierry <thierry.carron_at_hp.com>
Date: 2003-01-24 00:10:14

A customer requires for his internal application a more strict implementation of the VM :
   -> When malloc returns a non-NULL pointer the memory is really available !

How can I obtain this behavior using RedHat  AS 2.1 kernel 2.4.18-e12 ?

I know that Alan Cox has a patch and that a lot of job is currently done in kernel 2.5 .
This patch is partially integrated in the kernel 2.4.18-e12 delivered with the RedHat Advanced Server 2.1. 
But there is a difference between the documentation  about overcommit_memory  in sysctl/vm.txt and the code really implemented in mm/mmap.c
Is there any reason for that ?

Thanks for your help

Thierry CARRON 
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