[Linux-ia64] Epca patches

From: Christian Cotte-Barrot <Christian.Cotte-Barrot_at_bull.net>
Date: 2003-01-23 23:53:54
Here are two patches for the epca driver Version 1.5.0-1 (4001450N)
to support IA64 hardware platforms.
The patches have been built using the Digigiboard software package
available for download from http://ftp.digi.com/support/drivers/linux
  Two distributions:
    4001450N.src.rpm   RPM source
    4001450N.tar.gz    Compressed 'tar' archive of 4001450M.rpm

Patches have been tested with a 2.4.19 kernel over a RedHat 7.2

The first, epca-1.50-1.diff.gz, is against the Digiboard software package
  It contains modifications for both driver and supporting tools,
  mainly the digiDload command.

The second, epca-1.50-1_ia-64_2.4.19.diff.gz, is against 2.4.19 kernel tree
  From the strictly viewpoint of the Digiboard software, it contains
  modifications for the driver only.
  It results from a simple copy of the Digiboard software package
  driver sources to the kernel drivers tree (./drivers/char)
  Additional directive has been inserted to the makefile
  (./drivers/char/Makefile) to get a compilation with good gcc options.
  The first time this patch is applied, it is mandatory to get the
  supporting tools part of the first patch to have a digiDload command
  coherent with the new epca driver binary (new board types and ioctls)
  epca.rc is also useful for that the /dev/dg/epca/digiCtl be get created
  with the right 38 major number.
  Compilation of the epca driver as module in the kernel tree:
    # make menuconfig
      Character devices
        [*] Non-standard serial port support
        <M>   Digiboard Intelligent Async Support

Summary of changes:
   ioctl's are used to copy over an AccelePort concentrator image from the
   userspace program digiDload, into the kernel driver itself.
 - Changed the major number for the /dev/dg/epca/digiCtl from 35 to 38.
   35 looks like already used by the tclmidi MIDI driver.
 - Added support for some Digiboard-IBM and Digiboard-Bull adapters
   128-Port Asynchronous                     (IBM, DEVICE_ID = 0x001B)
   128port Digi International AccelePort C/X (Bull, DEVICE_ID = 0x0017)
   8port Accelport Xr 920                    (Bull, DEVICE_ID = 0x0013)
 - Multiboard management: check consistency for insmod parameters,
   i.e. definitions of the driver's data should match the MODULE_PARM
   declarations. e.g.:
     static uint     mod_numports            [MAXCARDS] = {0,};
     MODULE_PARM(mod_numports, "1-" __MODULE_STRING(MAXCARDS) "i")
 - Added minimal support for "new-style" pci functions
   Related to pci_register_driver(), ... functions located
   in ./drivers/pci/pci.c in the kernel tree.
 - Added some debugging traces

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