RE: [Linux-ia64] Error compiling 2.4.20 for i386

From: Bahnsen, Bruce <>
Date: 2003-01-18 09:01:22
Ok, so no common kernel source anytime soon. The undefined reference went
away after a clean build.


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> I was under the mistaken impression that the ia64 patch for 2.4.18 and
> beyond would not break ia32. I am looking for a way to support both ia32
> ia64 from a single kernel source. Is there a plan for the ia64 patch to
> support this model?

No, I don't have a plan to support both ia32 and ia64 with the ia64
patch.  I just don't have the time, equipment, or knowledge to maintain
the ia32 side of that equation.  The ACPI update I mentioned is one
big issue.  Another is the PCI BAR sizing problem -- ia64 requires
an approach that is unsafe on i386.

Of course, I do try to reduce the size of the ia64 patch by pushing
things upstream, and if it were ever reduced to zero, or to only
arch/ia64 things, then i386 should Just Work.  That's not likely to
happen anytime soon, though.

> However, I'm getting
> this link error now...
> net/network.o(.debug_info+0x6f4b26): undefined reference to `L5661'

I don't have a clue on this one.  I'd try a clean build from scratch
to make sure everything was built by the same toolchain, with the same
options, etc.

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