[Linux-ia64] Itanium2 CD for Linux available for download

From: Ken Burrell <ken.burrell_at_mscsoftware.com>
Date: 2003-01-16 12:42:25

I usually read the lists and don't often have time to comment, since we
have a rather small staff and IA64 keeps us very busy.

We have had available since July an official release of MSC.Linux for
Itanium2 that is available for public download.

Granted, we normally provide the release to our customers on DVD, but we
also provide a somewhat "smaller" version on CD, and in addition provide
an RPMS directory that contains the remainder of the distribution:

ftp://ftp.msclinux.com/mscbeta/ia64/install_zx1.iso  (Itanium2, HP zx1)
ftp://ftp.msclinux.com/mscbeta/ia64/install_dig.iso (older Itanium)
ftp://ftp.msclinux.com/mscbeta/ia64/applications.iso (additional apps)

The original July release, which supported less hardware, and provided
an older kernel, can also be found at:


Ken Burrell
Received on Wed Jan 15 17:41:07 2003

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