RE: [Linux-ia64] Distributions using gcc 3.2 or later

From: Martin Schimmer <>
Date: 2003-01-16 05:05:19
Ladies(are you around?) and guys,

can we quickly put together short up-to-date list of "stable" distros for
IA64 plafrorm? You can mention what compiler and libc it is based and
whether it's free or commercial

I am only aware of:

RedHat 7.2	gcc 2.96/glibc 2.2.4	 freely available

Perry, what kind of modifications are you talking about? In what part of the



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> Subject: [Linux-ia64] Distributions using gcc 3.2 or later
> Hi --
> I need to test and improve modifications of GCC 3.2 or later 
> on a IA64 
> as part of a demonstration that those modifications aren't IA32 
> specific.  As it is, I am just now showing that I can build entire 
> production quality Linux distributions with my (currently 
> non-standard) 
> compilers on IA32, and I want to extend that to a couple more 
> platforms.
> Intel has graciously short-term-loaned me a IA64.  Before Christmas 
> break, I poked around, and all the Linux distributions for 
> IA64 seemed 
> GCC 2.96 based, except for the Redhat rawhide distribution.  But, 
> testing with alpha-test distributions makes me nervous that I 
> would be 
> testing much more than my changes.  Now that my compiler modification 
> is starting to work, I thought I'd poke my head out and ask what 
> distribution I should use that would expect GCC 3.2 or later?
> Or perhaps, if you have a fork going in GCC for IA64, I should use it 
> instead?  The purpose is to propose inclusion of my 
> modifications into 
> the GCC main branch.
> -- Perry Wagle (
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