Re: [Linux-ia64] cpu_halt() question

From: Christian Hildner <>
Date: 2003-01-15 19:47:14
Alex Williamson schrieb:

>    I've played around with calling ia64_pal_halt_light() in cpu_idle
> to see if I could impact the power consumption.  Using very crude
> measurements, the temperature at the back of an i2000 dropped ~10
> degrees F adding something simple like:
> if (pm_idle)
>     (*pm_idle)();
> else
>     ia64_pal_halt_light();
> Unfortunately, on McKinley, the PAL_HALT_LIGHT state claims the same
> power consumption as the full run state.  I've verified that I get
> almost no change in processor temperature by adding this call.  BTW,
> this is PAL_A 0.7.31, PAL_B 0.7.36.
>         Alex

Yes, shouldn't we enable the kernel now instead of waiting for future CPUs or
PAL releases? It would be nice to have a "cool" 2.4.x kernel with your simple

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