[Linux-ia64] Problem solved (was: disabling nics in efi.)

From: Roy Dragseth <Roy.Dragseth_at_cc.uit.no>
Date: 2003-01-13 20:37:53

HP-Support suggested that we tried to disable something called the spanning 
tree algorithm on the switch.   We did, and voila the problem disappeared.  
The spanning tre algorithm has a very long timeout, 30 seconds.

So, for our part the problem is solved, but the timeout issue might be worth 
solving on a general basis.

Thanks for all the insightful suggestions from you people on this list.  This 
problem might be a bit mundane and not very ia64 specific, compared to what 
I've seen on this list before, so I'm sorry if this thread has wasted 
knowlegdable peoples time.



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