Re: [Linux-ia64] IA-32 emulation issues

From: Bjorn Helgaas <>
Date: 2003-01-09 04:42:16
> I think this has been fixed in 2.5 already: the problem was that the
> x86 version of sys_open() ended up turning on the O_LARGEFILE flag,
> which was wrong (I think Andi Kleen pointed this out, originally).
> The fix was to add the sys32_open() wrapper.  I don't recall if this
> has been added to 2.4.xx already.  If not, it probably ought to be
> added.

I copied this change from 2.5 into 2.4:

# 02/12/03 1.786.149.17
# ia64: For ia32 emulation, do not turn on O_LARGEFILE automatically
#       on open().  Reported by Andi Kleen.
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