Re: [Linux-ia64] Spurious PMU Interrupt

From: Stephane Eranian <>
Date: 2002-12-18 12:01:36

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 06:53:31PM -0600, Ray Bryant wrote:
> Stephane,
> I am getting one log message of the following type per CPU every time I
> run a system-wide sampling session:
> kernel: perfmon: Spurious PMU overflow interrupt on CPUxx: pmc0=0x1
> owner=0000000000000000 

This happens on McKinley only, this is not an error and can be ignored.
In fact in the latest version of the kernel (2.4.20), I removed the printk() 
to avoid confusion. This is due do an erratum in the McKinley PMU. The problem
is in fact a desired feature which got cast as an error due to a bug in  
the Itanium PMU. Basically, if you set the freeze bit when it is not set
you'll get a PMU interrupt. This is what happens at the end of a monitoring
session in the current perfmon codebase for both 2.4 and 2.5. I think
you can see how this "bug" is in fact a feature which could be use during
the context switch, for instance.

So you can ignore the problem. The new perfmon codebase that I am working
on will never set the freeze bit explicitely anymore, so the "problem" will
go away.

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