Re: [Linux-ia64] RTC support on ia64

From: Peter Chubb <>
Date: 2002-12-18 08:57:07
>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Williamson <> writes:

Alex> Joel, Does this provide more functionality than the EFI RTC?
Alex> Concerns I have w/ it on ia64 is that the rtc driver assumes you
Alex> have a legacy rtc at the legacy irq and port address.  This
Alex> won't work on HP zx1 boxes, the legacy hardware doesn't exist.
Alex> In the future, there's a possibility that the port address could
Alex> be allocated to non-legacy purposes.  Maybe ACPI could tell you
Alex> if you have a legacy RTC, it could at least tell you if you
Alex> support PC/AT compatible interrupts.  Thanks,

Yes it does.  There's no way to get a regular interrupt into user
space from the EFI RTC.

I've been using the PMU to generate regular interrupts, and have a
locally-modified amlat benchmark that does that.

Dr Peter Chubb
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