[Linux-ia64] Strange ACPI interruptions in 2.5.45 kernel

From: Joel GUILLET <Joel.Guillet_at_bull.net>
Date: 2002-12-18 02:21:46

I'm working on a Lion machine (with 2 processors Itanium I) running
a 2.5.45 kernel, and I've got thousands of interruptions routed throw

I use PS/2 mouse and keyboard.
I've seen there were lots of problems with PS/2 on 2.5-ia64 kernels but I
didn't see anyone who had this one.

When I say "lots" of interruptions, I mean about 80 times more than the
timer ticks !!!! So, one of my processor spend almost all his time dealing
with ACPI interruptions .

Just to have a look, I've tried to disable ACPI interruptions after the
boot. ...and now, the interruptions are reported via one of the serial irq
(according to the /proc/interrupts).. if it can help.

I had no problems with this interruptions in the 2.5.44 kernel or previous
versions. I searched the code to see what had changed between the 2
kernels, but I couldn't find any interesting explanation.
BUT I already had problems since the 2.5 kernels(like a lot of people)
with my mouse or/and my keyboard (with i8042).

So if you have any idea...?

Thanks in advance.

** Joel
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