[Linux-ia64] Re: ia64 cache flushing?

From: Rusty Russell <rusty_at_rustcorp.com.au>
Date: 2002-12-17 10:22:11
In message <15870.19627.766458.389787@napali.hpl.hp.com> you write:
> Could you send this to linux-ia64@linuxia64.org instead?  I don't care
> for modules much myself and don't want to get stuck maintaining this
> code.

Clever man 8)

Could someone who is Attuned with the way of ia64 linking and asm
please look at this?  It's a userspace framework which tests the 2.5
module code (as modified by RTH to use shared objects rather than
simple object files).  You can see 9 architectures already done, but
ia64 doesn't work, for reasons beyond my humble abilities.

The idea is that once all the archs are finished, I put it in the
kernel and push the change Linus.  ia64 is the last "important" arch
(and, naturally, the hardest 8).

Thanks in advance!
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