Re: [Linux-ia64] fpswa logging redux

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2002-12-13 06:14:31
  Jesse> How about something like this then?  It just prints out the
  Jesse> isr in addition to the ip for the case of printk, and decodes
  Jesse> the right si_code for signals.  If this approach looks ok, I
  Jesse> can add trap decoding too.

Basically OK with me, however:

 o What's the point of declaring fp_fault_info in a header file?  It's
   used only in one place.

 o si_code is NOT a bitmask; it makes no sense at all for
   fp_fault_si_code() to OR multiple values together; this makes me
   highly suspicious that there is a misunderstanding somewhere...

 o Who defined FP_SWASST and FPE_DENORM?  I don't recall seeing them
   in the ia64 psABI and they definitely look ia64-specific, so their
   names should at least be prefixed by a double-underscore

 o If you add stuff to asm/siginfo.h, don't forget to update glibc (in

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