Re: [Linux-ia64] unalinged access by loadpair instruction

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2002-12-10 08:41:36
It looks to me like getfpreg() and setfpreg() are pretty obviously
broken: they doesn't take rotation into account at all.  Seems this
was missed when the integer-side was fixed (by Tony, IIRC).  Anyone
want to take a shot at fixing this?


>>>>> On Mon, 09 Dec 2002 23:28:45 +0900, "Hideki Yamamoto" <> said:

  Hideki>  Hi everyone,

  Hideki>  When unaligned access is happened by loadpair instruction,
  Hideki> reloading by kernel is wrong.
  Hideki>  When unalined access is happeded by loadpair instruction in
  Hideki> NORMAL loop, it is no problem.  Please try to run the
  Hideki> attached programs(c.c and a.s) compiled by gcc.

  Hideki>  However, When it is happned by loadpair instruction in SWP
  Hideki> loop, it fails to reload the data.  Please try to run the
  Hideki> attached programs(c.c and aa.s) compiled by gcc. aa.s is
  Hideki> included loadpair in SWP loop.  If there is no happening,
  Hideki> please change the n parameter to bigger number.

  Hideki>  Sorry, I could not isolate whether or not it is caused by
  Hideki> HW bug or Kernel problem.

  Hideki>  Let me know somebody understood the cause why it is
  Hideki> happened.
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