Re: [Linux-ia64] ia64 arch makefile update

From: Sam Ravnborg <>
Date: 2002-12-07 18:18:34
On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 11:41:41PM +0100, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> Hi all.
> Following is an update of various ia64 specific makefiles.
> Patch is on top of linus-latest, with the 2.5.50 ia64 patch posted here applied.
> Summary of changes:
> o Simplified arch/ia64/Makefile
>   - During this process the boot: target were removed
> o Moved final generation of vmlinux.gz to boot/Makefile
>   - This allowed me to use some of the kbuild infrastructure
>   - Final file "vmlinux.gz" is now saved in arch/ia64/boot in line with
>     other architectures.
> o s/$(ARCH)/ia64 - since we know that this is the architecture we use
> o Small clean up all over, e.g. removed inclusion of Rules.make
>   Also made some nicer indenting, but no functional changes.

I have been requested to enable the following scenario:
        $ make
        $ ski bootloader vmlinux

And I also have realised that
	$ make boot

is used when compiling for the simulator only.

So I will send an update during the weekend, as Real Life(tm) permits ;-)

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