[Linux-ia64] linker

From: Abhijit Kadlag <abhijit_at_csa.iisc.ernet.in>
Date: 2002-11-27 03:02:14
i am trying to instrument the elf-binaries
on itanium. the task is to write a tool
like 'pixie' available on sgi machines.
 since i need to add counters for each basic block, which
have to be in memory, i need some way of referencing memory.
all i could find is itanium has only register indirect mode
of specifying memory address and then again loading
an address is done by the linker. i tried looking 
at the dis-assmebled code to discover how the linker
does the offset calculation, but i could not find
any correlation between program order of declaring
variables and their offsets , which are added to r1(gp).
 does it use the sections like .got or .plt in 
elf binary ? if yes, how ? 
  shall anyone please tell me , how to add instructions
to the binary of an executable,
which can specify the memory they want to 

Abhijit Kadlag
I sem ME,CSE,
Dept. of CSA,
Received on Tue Nov 26 08:02:28 2002

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