RE: [Linux-ia64] IA64 strncpy in 2.2.4-30 - bug and patch

From: Chen, Kenneth W <>
Date: 2002-11-20 05:35:44
Here is the updated patch against current glibc cvs strncpy.S v1.9.

There are two hunks in this patch.  The first hunk initialize, ec is not guaranteed to be zero upon function entry, although most likely it will be zero.  But such assumption is functionally broken.

The second hunk fixes the seg fault in recovery 4 section.  The case of seg fault is that when src length ends exactly at a page boundary, and there are no mapping after that page.  In recovery 4, it is trying to access an invalid address due to earlier loop that src pointer got post incremented pass beyond current page.

- Ken

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Subject: Re: [Linux-ia64] IA64 strncpy in 2.2.4-30 - bug and patch

In reference to a message from Chen, Kenneth W, dated Nov 07:
> We found more bugs in the code, and here is an updated patch to fix them.
> Note this patch supercedes the one I sent yesterday.
> Also attached is the test program we used to verify the fix.

Is there an updated version of this that applies against glibc cvs? Or
is the one Jakub/Roland checked in sufficient (it looks more like the first
version you posted)

Randolph Chung
Debian GNU/Linux Developer, hppa/ia64 ports

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