RE: [Linux-ia64] cannot boot 2.4.19+ia64 patches on an rx2600

From: Michael A. Mackey <>
Date: 2002-11-14 09:04:22
So the Advanced Workstation product is shipping.  I ordered my zx6000 a
month ago from HP and last week they said that it was delayed, waiting
on the software.

Have any paying :-) customers received delivery on the RedHat specials
from hp ?

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> Subject: [Linux-ia64] cannot boot 2.4.19+ia64 patches on an
> Hello list,
> I am trying hard to make a stock 2.4.19 patched linux-ia64 patch to
boot =
> an rx2600 (zx1 two ways HP machine) boot.
> Did some of you managed to boot such a kernel ?
> I am currently running the 2.4.18-e12 from redhat (into the advanced =
> server edition), I managed to recompile

Advanced Workstation?

> it and run it. I tried to get the .config file from this one, did make
> oldconfig with my 2.4.19 (stock) + IA64 patches
> and it does not boot (no message on the console... nothing)
> Thanks for any help/suggestions.
> I can provide the .config on demand.
> Sebastien Cabaniols
> HP  Annecy
> France
> -

I get this list as a digest so I am sorry if this is redeundant.

I was in a similar state trying to boot 2.4.18 on a rx2600 with the 
RedHat config file from the Advanced Workstation kernel. I eventually 
succeeded by adding the latest ACPI patch from I 
then hit an incompatibility between that patch and the zx1 support, but 
that appears to be fixed in 
So I'd try the applying the acpi patch unless someone else has better 

Good luck,

John Byrne

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