[Linux-ia64] cannot boot kernel.org 2.4.19+ia64 patches on an rx2600

From: Cabaniols, Sebastien <Sebastien.Cabaniols_at_hp.com>
Date: 2002-11-13 20:58:56
Hello list,

I am trying hard to make a stock 2.4.19 patched linux-ia64 patch to boot an rx2600 (zx1 two ways HP machine) boot.

Did some of you managed to boot such a kernel ?

I am currently running the 2.4.18-e12 from redhat (into the advanced server edition), I managed to recompile
it and run it. I tried to get the .config file from this one, did make oldconfig with my 2.4.19 (stock) + IA64 patches
and it does not boot (no message on the console... nothing)

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

I can provide the .config on demand.

Sebastien Cabaniols
HP  Annecy
Received on Wed Nov 13 01:59:07 2002

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