[Linux-ia64] ΄πΈ΄: [Linux-ia64] newbie question

From: Peter Chubb <peter_at_chubb.wattle.id.au>
Date: 2002-11-13 11:25:27
>>>>> "Yiyang" == Yiyang Dai <Dai> writes:

Yiyang> Hi : you will need to build a cross-compiler on ia32 first ,
Yiyang> and then edit the Makefiile of the kernel source to use the
Yiyang> cross-compiler to build the kernel on your ia32 .

Easiest way actually is to grab the nue and ski packages from hp,
which gives you a more-or-less complete (but a little old)
development environment for IA64 that runs on IA32.

URL is/was http://www.software.hp.com/products/LIA64

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