Re: [Linux-ia64] [PATCH] Performance Patch for TLB misses

From: John Marvin <>
Date: 2002-11-11 23:07:05
> > Wouldn't removal of this possibly cause cached and uncahced mappings
> > to same page?
> Yes, but for the kernel it is allowed also without the patch and the the user c
> ould insert a
> duplicate mapping for the same physical page but this useless for him because o
> f the access
> rights and also the kernel would not use these pages (because the kernel has no
>  knowledge of
> this pages).
Christian, you must not have understood what Dave was referring to when
he talked about attribute aliasing. Having cached and uncached mappings
to the same page might be OK on a Pentium, but it is definitely not OK
on the ia64 architecture. It can lead to MCA's. Here's a quote from
the architecture manual that might make it a little clearer (from the
end of section 4.4.1):

    It is recommended that processor models report a Machine Check abort
    if any of the following attribute aliases are detected:

    * Coalescing buffer hit on a non-coalescing page.
    * Cache hit on an uncacheable page, other than as the target of a
      local or remote flush cache instruction.

Just because the user can't use the bad mapping that he may have inserted
doesn't mean that it is not a problem.  Once that translation has been
inserted, it is a potential problem.  Even if the kernel doesn't directly
use the translation, the processor may use it to prefetch.

John Marvin
Received on Mon Nov 11 04:16:10 2002

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