[Linux-ia64] mca logging bug fixes

From: Luck, Tony <tony.luck_at_intel.com>
Date: 2002-11-07 09:41:45

I've attached a version of Jenna Hall's mca logging fixes,
updated for 2.5.45.  Jenna listed the benefits as:

1.	Simplifies and fixes date reporting during MCA log printing
	(patch from Matthew Wilcox)
2.	Fixes nested MCA handling
3.	Fixes clearing of fatal error records from SAL logs upon reboot
4.	Fixes returning the PAL min-state address upon return from OS_MCA

Item #1 was already in 2.5.45.

In addition to Jenna's changes, I deleted some unused debug code
(and associated data "min_state_labels[]"), and dropped the
"#warning" about save_and_cli() that you had added.


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