[Linux-ia64] Re: [Pcihpd-discuss] PCI hotplug broken on IA64

From: Greg KH <greg_at_kroah.com>
Date: 2002-10-31 16:58:00
On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 06:00:40PM -0800, KOCHI, Takayoshi wrote:
> Hi,
> The PCI segment support which was introduced at 2.4.19-020821 ia64 patch
> broke PCI hotplug core driver.  The way ia64 port does is using
> ia64 specific 'pci_controller' structure, embedding a segment
> number in it and making pci_bus->sysdata point to the structure.

Yes, Chris McDermott just sent me a patch much like this one a few days

> All config space access functions refer to the structure so if
> pci_controller structures are not setup correctly, all pci
> configuration space acesss will fail.
> I don't think the current way of accessing PCI configuration space
> with temporary pci_dev and pci_bus is definitive answer but we
> are depending on it now.
> Could someone enlighten me?
> Any ideas?

The correct thing to do is do what we did in 2.5.  There is no more
*_nodev functions, as we changed the pci_ops structure.  Even when
segment support goes into 2.5, the pci hotplug code should not care at

That being said, I don't think the huge pci_ops change would be a good
thing to do right now in 2.4.  I also do not want to be forced to add
the segment value to the *_nodev functions, as that is just getting too

Maybe a backport of the pci_ops changes is the best thing to do...

Any other ideas?


greg k-h
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