Re: [Linux-ia64] PXE boot off HP zx6000

From: Alex Williamson <>
Date: 2002-10-31 03:27:10
Jason P Holland wrote:
> hello,
>   i'm trying to do a PXE boot from an HP zx6000 workstation.  My tftp
> server is version 0.29-3 for Redhat ia4.  I'm also using dhcp 3.0p11-9.  I
> get the following error from the EFI shell trying to do a lanboot
> PXE-E05:  Download buffer is smaller than the requested file
> Exit status code: Invalid Parameter
> i've seen a few messages about this in the archives, but nothing i tried
> has worked.  the file i want to boot off of is pxelinux.0 from the
> syslinux package.  its only 10820 bytes, is the buffer really too small or
> is there another problem i'm just not seeing?  if i need to post some
> config files, please let me know.  thanks

   I think pxelinux is only for ia32.  Strange things might happen on
ia64.  Elilo supports PXE boot, just specify 'filename "elilo.efi";'
in your DHCP config file, make sure it's available via the same file
name from tftp and you should be set.


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