[Linux-ia64] USB Mouse on SLES8 Beta1

From: Jon R. Doyle <marsaro_at_interearth.com>
Date: 2002-10-30 17:07:37
This seems to be broke:

In Preview 5 & 6 of UL my Intel 4 CPU 900mhz SDV detects the keyboar and
mouse fine. SLES 8 beta 1 will not find the USB mouse and therefore cause
instal pains (read it is a pain to TAB key through Yast to complete
install). Once completed install in curses Yast pops up failing to detect
mouse. lsmod shows usb drivers loaded......

Yast2 is a real PAIN to use in this mode. Even with a mouse it is a real
PAIN vs Yast1 for server configs!!!!
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